What does it mean to be Clairvoyant?

Sentjana is an international clairvoyant and spiritual medium, born with the unique gift that allows her to channel information from other dimensions and bring forth possibilities that are yet unseen. When revealed, this information can be a very powerful tool in creating a balanced and inspired life. Readings with Sentjana allow you to make new connections and explore new possibilities.

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About Sentjana

clairvoyant grass valleySentjana discovered her gift as a clairvoyant and spiritual medium at an early age, but her real reading commitment began at the age of 38. A woman in a life threatening situation appeared at Sentjana’s door, pleading for assistance.  This evoked Sentjana’s ability and passion to assist people professionally. Within 6 months, she was travelling internationally, bringing her gifts and tools to people across the globe.

Sentjana is passionate about assisting and supporting positive outcomes for individuals and organizations. Her channeled readings focus on the introduction of new and positive possibilities for better relationships, career changes, greater health, flowing vitality and spiritual clarity, resulting in the ability to make individual choices toward an optimal experiential growth.

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